Bacon, Egg, and Gouda Breakfast Sandwich

We are Starbucks regulars, and some might say coffee addicts… but I wouldn’t go that far. This girl just likes a good cup of coffee in the morning. And lately after Crossfit we’ve been stopping in to get a little breakfast too…not every morning because that would for sure blow the budget. But some mornings it’s like a little fun treat!

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I’ve grown to become addicted to the Bacon, Egg, and Gouda sandwich from Starbucks. OMG, those soft fluffy eggs, oooey gooey cheese and the saltiness from the bacon make a killer combo. Eric is a big fan of the Marshmallow Dream Bar… you know he’s gotta have his sweets.

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But last week when we went in, Starbucks let us down. I’m all about the pretty new pink coffee covers but the new line of products suck! Seriously! You had awesome sandwiches and sweets Starbucks, why did you change a good thing? To me there new La Boulange line is more processed and not as fresh! Packaged Marshmallow Dream Bars? Really? And the ciabatta bread on my sandwich is not as soft! Come on Starbucks!

Any one else taste the difference?? We might be Starbucks snobs, but I want my food to taste fresh! SO…I decided to recreate the sandwich at home.

Bacon, Egg, and Gouda Breakfast Sandwich
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 1 small ciabatta roll, sliced
  • 1 slice gouda cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice center cut bacon, cooked
  1. On a non stick skillet, heat ½ teaspoon coconut oil over medium low heat.
  2. Place egg in pan and scramble on low heat to keep egg moist. (Must do low heat to get the right texture)
  3. Place bottom of ciabatta roll on microwave safe plate.
  4. Layer bacon, egg, and gouda on ciabatta and top with other half of roll.
  5. Microwave sandwich on high for 20 seconds until cheese is slightly melted.






    • says

      Thanks Krista!! It sounds like the thoughts are mutual with their new products…. I actually just googled news and read that many people are revolting about this!! Wonder if Starbucks will listen to their customers?

  1. says

    Oh no, this is not news that I want to hear. I LOVE Starbucks Ham Artisan Breakfast sandwich which is very similar to the Bacon, Egg and Gouda. I haven’t had a chance to head to Starbucks in over a month but I’ve been craving their breakfast sandwich lately and now I am afraid I will be disappointed 🙁 But I guess I can always make them at home!

  2. says

    WORD. I’m also obsessed with the breakfast sandwiches there too (but I prefer the ham)… this is such an easy sandwich to make at home, why am I not doing it?! Thanks for the motivation and recipe!

  3. says

    These look delicious! I remember I used to like the mozzarella/tomato panini from Starbucks… who knows how that tastes now! Disappointing that they seem to be going in a more processed direction…

  4. Michelle P says

    I too have an addiction and was severely disappointed when they changed. It still doesn’t stop me when I am absolutely craving and on a time crunch. I like your recipe! I even take mine one step further and add grated parmesan cheese to the eggs. It gives my eggs a very similar texture to their sandwich…. I also agree with you, Publix rocks!

    • says

      YES! I’ve definitely found myself still getting them if I’m time pressed, however I’m not like OMG I have to go to sbux to get the Bacon, Egg & Gouda.. however the new croissant with ham isn’t too snappy. kinda like it. 🙂 I’ll have to try the grated parm… great idea!!

  5. says

    I could eat this breakfast sandwich at any meal every day, I’m a big egg sandwich girl 🙂

    Looks so good! Glad you were inspired to make your own version at home. I can’t tell you the last time I was in Starbucks that wasn’t in a target 🙂

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