oh kale yes! 8 ways with kale

Ways to Use Kale

I didn’t realize how much of a kale-aholic I was until I started writing this post and looking though all the recipes that have kale listed as an ingredient. I know, some of you are probably like WTH is kale? I boast of kale’s goodness almost daily. Aside from it being a down right fun food to eat… it’s a superfood in my book and here’s why.

Check out these stats:

  • More vitamin C than an orange! 134% of your daily value in 1 cup! (yes that deserves lots of exclamation points!)
  • Eye-mazing Kale. With a whopping 206% vitamin A in one cup along with lutein and zeaxanthin, kale contains nutrients needed for vision.
  • Only 33 calories per cup raw kale!
  • Kale boasts of 684% vitamin K, which is a powerful antioxidant that plays a role in maintaining healthy blood clotting, bone health, and more.

Top 8 ways to use kale:

Green Energy Bowl-6501-2

1. Smoothies. My answer for ways to eat almost anything, ask my athletes I’m just like toss it into a smoothie! No but for real, this really might be my favorite way to eat kale. I love the BRIGHT green color it gives to a smoothie, and I swear it doesn’t make it taste weird. If you haven’t tried a green smoothie, give kale a whirl in these recipes.


2. Burgers. Top burgers with kale slaw, layer it like lettuce, or slice it up thin and add it to a juicy burger like I did in these Cranberry & Kale Turkey Burgers. I’m in.


3. Soup. Because kale keeps some texture when heated it provides a good body to soup that is really satisfying.

4. Pasta. Lasagna is one of my top uses for kale, and many of my blogger friends can relate. Check out some of these fun recipes to up your kale intake.


5. Salad. Of course, salad is a common way to eat your greens but you can really jazz kale up with some of these recipes. Whether you choose grains or strictly greens, you can’t go wrong with any of these recipes.


6. Dips & Dressings. Need a use for some leftover kale? Or want a subtle way to sneak in some kale? Blend it into a pesto sauce or add it to greek yogurt for a zesty dip!

7. Chips. I’ve made kale chips a few times but haven’t ever posted a recipe on the blog! WOW. shocking for this foodie. Maybe because you can find so many great recipes online already! Kale chips are all the rage. Gosh but after searching for different ideas for kale chips, I’m like dying to make some!!

8. Pizza. Boost the nutritional value of pizza by tossing on some kale. Make a salad topper or bake it in the oven with the rest of the toppings. Both are delicious.

What’s your favorite way to eat kale?


  1. says

    Hale to KALE! Loved this. Honestly, forgot how much I adore Kale…I haven’t had it since winter..now i’m ducking my head lower and lower. Thanks for the reminder of how wonderful it is for our bodies! 🙂 Great post & PS, now i’ve gotta try it on a burger, YUM!

  2. jENNY says

    Ok Kristina, I bought my first bunch of kale today at Whole foods, gonna start with a smoothie 🙂
    and i have eaten the cranberry and edamame salad every day this week for lunch, i am so addicted!!!
    thanks for all that you do here!!!

    • says

      You’re welcome Jenny! You just inspired me to make the cranberry edamame salad again for “meal prep”. I think I might use tart cherries bc I have them in the pantry 🙂 Hope you enjoy the smoothie– start with a small bunch and work your way up. The greener the better to me!

  3. says

    Yum, I love love love kale 🙂 I could eat it anyway you serve it up but am always trying to find more ways to sneak them into my husband’s diet. This is such an awesome roundup Kristina! I can’t wait to try some of these recipes out 🙂

  4. says

    I know kale is really nutritious, but always avoid it in the supermarket as I don’t really know what to do with it. Thank you for all these ideas though – I really will give them a try now.

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